April 29th, 2005

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I just received this email:


You have been nominated for Outstanding Fandom Contribution for your LJ community Bloodclaim at the Shades of Grey Awards.

This award is based on popular vote which will open on June 15.

::is stunned::

Thank you, whoever nominated me, and thereby bloodclaim, for this award. I'm sitting here all gob-smacked and giggly and trying not to bounce too hard cos this office chair is nearly five years old now and I never put it together properly in the first place. ;)

So, here's a clicky button (even though the vote isn't open yet) and I'm going to try and figure out how to put one on the journal page proper so it's there to be petted every time a page is opened. *g*



(Yes, I'm shamelessly crossposting because, well, see above! Squee!)
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