March 10th, 2005


I am Horbling-bound

Huh. That sounds like some kind of intestinal or bowel problem, but the truth is, in 14 hours I will be on the first of 3 trains on my way to Horbling in Lancashire (I think) to spend the weekend with vampirefever, vic_amy_z, gingerpig, princess_s, eatenbyweasels, lonelybrit, esmerelda_t, madders and our guinea pig token male, anyasbuttmonkey.

There will be chocolate, alcohol, porn, tacky gifts (mine is... christmassy *g*), and handmade Devonshire clotted cream fudge. Oodles of it. Vanilla and chocolate. It's sitting here tempting me but I am strong. There's no way I can eat over a pound of fudge before 4pm tomorrow, right? There's sure to be some left for the others...

This of course means I will have about 4 days of flist to catch up on when I get back. ::quivers in terror::

I'm going to miss you all like crazy every minute I'm having fun, honest! *smoochies to all*