January 30th, 2005

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A GIP with a ramble...

So, last night kyrieane accosted me on YIM and we ended up brainstorming a truly scary fic which she promises she will write, putting all blame on my shoulders. I can live with that. *g* And then conversation turned to our mutual need for a 'pimp' icon which of course led to a discussion of big purple pimp hats, because, well, how could it not?

I went to Google Images and searched for 'purple pimp hat' and got many more hits than I would have expected.* And I duly created this icon, which I happily shared with Kyri.

If you want to see lots of stunning pimp hats, pimp jackets, goldfish-heeled shoes and pimp canes, look here and here. It's truly boggling.

*184. o.O
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