July 17th, 2004

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Credit Where Credit Is Due, a pimp, and a meme

Okay, better late then never, right? I've just re-remembered that I haven't thanked everyone who helped with my summer_of_spike posting day, which was Thursday. (I've just about recovered. Phew!)

So, here goes, outside the cut tags, cos I love you all:
txrabbit for suggesting the boys play in the snow;
willa_writes for tapers, melted candles, a midnight madness sale, and a sidling Spike;
bunnyohare for that first white hair and the accompanying angst;
ponders_life for the tap-dancing art deco penguins, however unintentional they were ;o);
amejisuto for the carnival, the concert and the home-made ice cream. You scored a hat trick, sweetie;
kaydee23 for the little peek at Spike watching Xander woodworking and then being drawn in.

And many, many thanks and hugs and smoochies go to kitty_poker1, who was a wonderful stand-in for the absent Savour in providing support, encouragement, someone to chat with, and a great last minute beta for the ficlets The First Date, The First Time It Mattered, and The First Snow.

You're a doll!

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tgray is holding an S/X Pornathon, the kinkier the better, and all completely NC-17. Sign up details are here. Lots of delicious porn, yay!

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