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proof that youtube has clips of EVERYTHING

On Friday morning I shall be making my annual pilgrimage to Horbling, a tiny town in the wilds of Lincolnshire, where I and anyasbuttmonkey, esmerelda_t, vic_amy_z, bouncymonkey, eatenbyweasels, lonelybrit, madders, princess_s, vampirefever, and gingerpig will revel in three days of fine food, copious amounts of booze, various fandoms, bad porn, good fic and lots and lots of fun.

Out of curiosity, I googled Horbling to see if there were any pretty pictures I could share, but a Youtube link caught my eye instead.


The clip is entitled 'HORBLING to BILLINGBOROUGH' and it means what it says. Horbling lasts for about 38 seconds, and the remaining minute and a half is the journey to the centre of Billingborough.

Horbling is a tiny, tiny, very pretty town! :D
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