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Answers.com competition entry and mini_nanowrimo update, day 20

Today's mini_wrimo entry is a little different from my usual fare. While reading this news post, I spotted a plug for Answers.com's latest Creative Writing Challenge. They give a list of 10 words that must be used correctly in a composition (poetry, essay, prose, fiction, whatever) of no more than 750 words. The listed words must be hyperlinked to their Answer.com entries.

Even though, by being English, I can't win the prizes (Amazon.com vouchers of $100 and $50), I was still inspired to try my hand (and brain) at coming up with an entry.

It's totally OC, mildly het, and mildly humorous (I hope!) and also 162 words short, so please take a moment to read instead of scrolling by.

The Things We Do For Love

Jane approaches the checkpoint with an outward mien of ataraxia, ever mindful of the contraband, a semilunar block of sapid halva that is buried beneath the false bottom panel of her battered leather bag.

Though Joshua insists she has mantic abilities, she puts her earlier discovery, of the praxis of the guards to flirt and preen when pretty girls visit the training tents, down to serendipity.

She has no time for the current health-conscious zeitgeist, no problems breaking the idiotic 'low fat, low sugar, low carbs' rules of the government's health camps. She loves Joshua just the way he is, lumps and bumps, love-handles and all.

So what if his attitude towards exercise is 'A lick and a promise today, love, and I'll do the rest tomorrow, okay?' It works for him, it works for them and it should be no-one's business but theirs, most certainly not a bunch of interfering government busybodies with their fatcat ways and their double-wide office chairs.


mini_nanowrimo running total: 9222 words, in 20 days
Tags: miscfic:mini-nano

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