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Required: Help/Advice/Petting and Soothing

So, for the last few days my computer has been making funky noises, and I, coward that I am, have been hoping they'll go away... like they did last time. And today they went away! Yay! Only... not.

Through the medium of the laying on of hands (literally), I have discovered that one of the fans has died - there are/were two. So, for the first time in my life, I have opened up my computer and peeked inside - and it is skeery. And omg!everso!dusty!

I've left the side off the computer to allow air to circle freely while I am online over the weekend, and on Monday I will take my tale of woe to the local computer nerd shop down the road. (I've also turned off the central heating (which may have been a factor) and opened one of the windows wide to make sure the room is nice and cool. (Cold! Dammit where did I put my fluffy slippers?!)

So... Advice? Petting? (I freak at installing software or simple plug-and-play hardware, so actually opening the case and seeing my computer guts? MAAAAAJOR freaking going on here right now.) Did I do the right thing opening it up/leaving it open? Should I shut it off immediately and go bang my head against the wall until it's Monday?

And dear gods, the live and very very loud thrash metal concert going on in the town hall directly opposite my now wide open window is not exactly providing me with a stress-freee atmosphere of calm. It is, however, vibrating my floorboards. o.O


ETA: After the bazzionth reboot, the fan seems to have been resurrected, a bit. it's sluggish, but the metal box it's sitting in, inside the main body of the computer innards, is not hot to the touch now.

Of course, I'll be touching regularly and definitely turning it off to cool down if/when it does get hot again, but *clings* I'm here for now. And I will definitely be going to visit the neighbourhood geeks on Monday.
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