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Fic: V2, Sam/Dean, Supernatural

Author: darkhavens
Title: V2
Fandom: Pairing: Supernatural: Sam/Dean
Rating: PG-13
Words: 3x100
Spoilers: S2 finale
Concrit: darkhavens @ slashverse.com. If you spot a typo, please feel free to tell me in comments. I want you to!
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be. No harm, no foul, no money made.
Warnings/Squicks: Wincest
Summary: After Sam comes back...
Notes: Written for day 5 of mini_wrimo and for my long-neglected Supernatural Big Damn Table.

074. Corrupt

He knows it's wrong, knows that somehow it's his fault - this blood taint, this corruption.

If he hadn't sought Sam out when Dad went missing; if he hadn't carefully layered guilt on top of long-neglected honor and familial expectations; if he didn't need this so damned much, Sam wouldn't be involved.

But he had, and he did, and he thought maybe he always would. And so long as Sam was always there beside him, he would deal.

Dean leans back down and licks the faint scar that nestles innocuously between two of Sam's vertebrae.

They would both deal. Together.

067. Blackout

When Sam comes round, he's draped across Dean's lap. His skin feels too hot - tight and suffocating. Dean brings a sponge up to his chest and squeezes, chasing rivulets of icy water down across his belly to his groin.

He's muttering quiet curses and imprecations, promises of swift retribution if Sammy doesn't hurry the fuck up and snap out of it already. There are threats of violence too, but Sam doesn’t think he's serious, not while the hand gripping the sponge is white-knuckled and oh, so gentle.

"We gotta roll. Fire demon."

Dean's sigh of relief is almost silent.

016. Affected

The blackouts - visions - come more often now, since he's returned from the dead. They have a sensory depth that pulls him in so fast, so completely; he's immersed in someone else's life and death in a second. He sometimes loses himself in the tangle of emotions and has to fight to get out, to get back to Dean.

And it's always back to Dean now, not back to waking or to consciousness or even to his life instead of that of some dead or dying stranger. Dean, who's somehow made himself the center of Sam's existence, his world.

mini_nanowrimo running total: 2382 words.
Tags: miscfic:mini-nano, spn:wincest:100, spn:wincest:misc

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