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Pimpity pimp pimp!

So, most of you already know that I am incapable of saying no to literati. Look no further for evidence than my collection of X-Files Mulder/Krycek fic (or the smaller collection of Harry/Draco fic). So. This pimp's for her and suki_blue.

literati and suki_blue would like to announce the first annual Lucius Malfoy FQF, held at InsaneJournal, at [info]luciusfqf, and co-ordinated at LJ's luciusfqf.

Read the rules here and then post as many prompts as you can think up here. There is no obligation involved with providing prompts - we want as many ideas as you can provide so as to give the claimants as wide a choice as possible. Non-writers and non-artists are encouraged to prompt too!

Gen, het, and slash are all welcome, and there's even a mixed bag category if you don't want to choose a genre! Movie canon, book canon and AU - anything goes, so long as it's Lucius-centric.

[info]luciusfqf :: luciusfqf
because Lucius needs love too!
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