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Plagiarism rears its ugly head

sheafrotherdon has pulled together a very compelling case against repeated plagiarist hotspur18 here in stop_plagiarism. (Follow the links in comments to see the full accounting.)

This isn't just one story (and hey, there's graphics too!), and it's not just one fandom. Multiple stories stolen and mutilated to fit different fandoms - HP, Buffyverse (my beloved Spander and more besides!), and I know she's also posted SGA and Firefly fic.

If you are involved in any way with a fandom awards site, you should really be watching stop_plagiarism. In fact, I think everyone in fandom should have it on their flist, not only so the plagiarists' names become well-known, but also because many of them have posted other fics and there's every possibility that they could belong to me, or you, or someone you love to read, and the mods need help tracking down the true authors.

All of my fic comms are affiliated with stop_plagiarism and each has a very obvious link to the comm on their profile page. I have no tolerance for plagiarists, especially not in fandom where comments are our only rewards and these people (scroll down, you'll find the list) are effectively stealing those rewards right out of our pockets.
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