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why I am still smiling

I have just spent 6 hours (5pm-11pm) restocking shelves and being polite to the locals and grockles (tourists) on this, the unofficial first day of August Bank Holiday Weekend Hell.

Today I have been called Maid, Darlin', Love, Sweetheart, Pet, Hon, Miss, my real name (by complete strangers who read it off my left tit), Babe, Chuck and Trouble, and I've kept on smiling.

I have mopped up spilled milk, spilled wine and spilled tears, and I've kept on smiling.

I have spent 20 minutes trying to balance a till that insisted on being £30 down, even knowing that I will not be blamed for the shortage as the damn thing had been in use since 7am, through three shifts and hasn't been cashed up once. And through it all I kept on smiling.

I have been violently assaulted by a spring-loaded freezer door, and can still feel the raised welt on my shoulder now, four hours later. And yet I'm still smiling.


Because we have Ben and Jerry's on offer - £2.99 for half a litre tub, or £5 for two. So I'm sitting here with B&J's Bohemian Raspberry and a chilled bottle of Jacques Fruit de Bois cider. And in my freezer sits a tub each of Fossil Fuel, Cherry Garcia and Phish Food.

And there is fresh porn on my flist!

Life is good. *hugs you all*
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