darkhavens (darkhavens) wrote,

I have no plans to leave LJ (Now with added Pimp!)

...but I do have other journals to go to if I have to. Feel free to bookmark and/or friend any or all of these, plus Slashverse, mine and literati's shared website.

me @ GreatestJournal

me @ InsaneJournal

me @ JournalFen

me @ Twitter (where I think I'm going to post mini movie reviews, just for the hell of it. *g*) Also available in syndication! darkhavenstwitt :P

me @ Vox (also owned by Six Apart, so I'm basically just name-squatting there.)

Right now, I'm not updating any of them (except Twitter), but if/when I get around to setting up Semagic or some other client, I will, honest. ;)

ETA: superkinkfest has a lot of lovely Supernatural kink prompts going begging (rules || prompt list), and rounds_of_kink is asking for prompts in a good selection of fandoms here. Go and add some kinky idea to the ones already there!

Tags: me, pimp, psa

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