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I has a mood theme!

Yes, after more than two years of nagging, literati finally got me to finish selecting images for a custom mood theme.

When I started pic-picking, it was purely Spander, and I'd almost got them all when I got hooked on SGA, and then I had to split the moods equally so none of the boys got slighted. I'd just about finished choosing again when Supernatural happened and I had to add the Winchester boys into the mix, with an equal share, of course. *g*

Mix in a healthy dose of procrastination and... it took a while.

But I did it! Well, literati did the real hard work, transforming my chosen images into perfect little moods and then taking me through the whole mood theme creation process, step by step.

Yay, moodtheme!

I ♥ literati

P.S. That whole drabble-a-day thing suffered from parental oversight problems but will be returning tomorrow. *crosses toes*
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