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good news - I'm not dead! :D

So, it's been a while since I posted. A month, actually, which is longer than I thought. The reasons are pretty simple to explain - I haven't been writing. Quite honestly, I haven't been able to string more than three sentences together, and while I could probably have drawn those three out into a drabble, I've been trying to get my longfic back.

Don't get me wrong, I still love the drabble form, and will definitely play with it again, but I used to write long stuff! I could describe a fart so well your nose would wrinkle when you read it. And then I discovered the beauty and challenge of telling a story in one hundred words and my prose got trimmed, my descriptors got tossed, and I started counting words in single digits instead of by the hundred. And the habit stuck.

Anyhoo, in a fit of craziness (and egged on shamelessly by tabaqui) I signed up for spn_j2_bigbang which has a 20,000 word minimum limit, and has to be finished (at least in rough draft) by May 1st.

I signed up on the 27th of January. Today I wrote my first 906 words and it flowed. It was also the opening 'scene' of my fic. It will no doubt be tweaked and rejigged a dozen times before I'm done, but for now I squee because I wrote stuff! And it doesn't suck! (Thank you for the positive affirmations, kitty_poker1 and literati *smooch*)

Sample quote:
By the time Dean is three, the ever-present and overly sibilant 'Sammy' has become a fixture in Dean's daily allotment of questions. 'Where Sammy?' and 'When Sammy come?' are repeated most often, but sometimes, possibly just for variety's sake, he breaks up the monotony with 'Why no Sammy?', or, and this is John's personal all-time favorite, a drawn out nasal whine to the tune of 'Sammeeeeeeeeeeee?', climbing in scale and pitch until John is positive he can feel the enamel on his teeth vibrating.

And yes, you read that right. Dean was asking for Sammy at least six months before his baby brother was even conceived. Hooked yet?

I also want to take a moment to thank everyone who sent me birthday wishes, and everyone who has friended me recently (and not-so-recently and, in fact, at all! thank you!) and to reassure you that I'm still into Spander, and Wincest and McShep and I wrote stuff! And it doesn't suck! YAY! *kermit flail* :D
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