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My community, bloodclaim, which is all about the joy that is Spander ::wink:: is being re-designed, and I want to provide links to useful sites so here I am asking for suggestions.

There will be a list of archives with S/X content (as previously posted here). If you can think of others, please let me know so I can check them out and maybe include them.

I'm also looking for suggestions of sites like writers resources, BtVS/AtS resources, slash resources, etc. Any site you think could be useful to a Spander writer, let me know where and why and it will be considered.

Please don't be shy if you have a suggestion to make. I don't mind if you pimp your own site as long as it's relevant and up-to-date.

And I will also look at suggestions of what else you think should be included, though I make no promises that I will actually include them.

I have also posted this in bloodclaim on this thread, so please feel free to check out other's suggestions and add your two cents worth.

Thank you. ;o)

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