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14valentines Day #3 - Kanji icons #208 - #273

Day three of 14valentines focusses on Body Image.

Kanji Icons #001 - #102
Kanji icons #103 - #207

Kanji icons #208 - #273

This is the halfway point in the alphabet. More soon!

As before, comments are nice - credit is only necessary for the icons with text - the textless ones may be used as bases.

home, family
208 209 210

honesty, integrity, loyalty
211 212

213 214

215 216

inner sanctuary
217 218

219 220

integrity, uprightness
221 222

223 224

225 226

justice, righteousness
227 228

229 230

231 232

laugh, smile
233 234 235

leader, chief, boss
236 237

238 239

240 241

242 243

244 245

living only for the pleasures of the moment
246 247 248

249 250

love, affection
251 252

love, be in love, beloved
253 254

loyal, faithful
255 256 257

memory, remembrance, remember
258 259 260

261 262

263 264

morality, integrity
265 266 267

268 269

mother nature
270 271

272 273

Body Image is a subject I know something about, being, as the medical profession puts it, 'morbidly obese'. If I go to see the doc, my weight is always the first thing the he focusses on, no matter what ailment I'm suffering from, and if my blood pressure and cholesterol levels get checked, they always end up being redone because the results come back fine and normal and that can't possibly be right, now can it? (Though it invariably, repeatably, is.)

I grew up hearing, 'If you just lost the puppy fat you'd be pretty' and 'She'd be lovely if she weren't so... you know'. I spent a lot of my childhood depressed and on diets, none of which worked worth a damn and did nothing but screw up my metabolism.

The thing is, if I want to, I can still kiss my own toes. *g* Big doesn't mean inflexible. I can still dance the night away, and I can still take home a pretty young thing or a big strapping bodybuilder if I so desire because, yeah, I'm flexible and I have stamina.

I've learned to do what makes me happy, and if that means eating an extra chocolate or three and buying a blouse a size bigger than I need to, just because I like the wiggle room, I smile while I do it.

Nobody's perfect, and real life doesn't come with an airbrush artist ready to smooth away the odd wrinkle or stray hair. Most of the time, the only person who sees your 'flaws' is you. Stop looking for them, please.

Day #4 Kanji Icons #274 - #370
V-Day Kanji Icons #371 - #602

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