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Updates and pimpage

I'm still struggling with my recaltricant muses, but that hasn't stopped me signing up for the multi-fandom 14valentines and also for the spn_j2_bigbang, which has a minimum word count of 20,000. I'm hoping the threat of multiple deadlines will once again work their magic. *prepares to make sacrifices to any and all vaguely interested deities and demons*

I am wilfully resisting the urge to sign up for superpornsunday, which is also multi-fandom, if any of you out there feel the urge to write porn and post it next weekend. *pokes you*

neversleeps has announced that she needs judges and a co-owner for the Lie to Me Awards (Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel fandom) -- categories here for sites, fanfiction, and art in a number of categories -- for fic, we've got character-focus, time period, genre, length, in addition to the standard pairing categories. It's neat to have award sites with a wide-ranging array of categories in addition to the more specific character and pairing-focused awards sites, so if you can participate, please do help keep this awards site (and other sites) running. (para snagged in entirety from entrenous88)

And lastly, the Sunnydale Fanart Awards - the award site for Buffy and Angel fanart.
Round 3 open now!
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