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19 October 2006 @ 05:51 pm
Opting out of lj's image feed (now with added Syndication options!)
As some of you may know, lj has an image feed that displays recent posted images, and a few communities now gather and post these images (and so do some external websites).

One particular guy, iconscraper, is automated--he's set up a program to scan the feed LJ sends out which has people's icons on it. This process means that he hotlinks to all the icons he "scrapes" up. He think's there is nothing wrong with what he's doing and is pissed off that people are pissed off that he's stealing their icons and their bandwith. What a charmer, eh?

Anyhow, there is a way to keep people like him from linking to your icons/images and stealing both them and your bandwidth.

To remove your own journal from these feeds go to The Admin Console and input type set latest_optout yes and click on the execute button. Make sure that you are logged into LJ when you do this.

If you run a community, type set for communityname latest_optout yes, replacing 'communityname' with the plain text name of your community (no lj code).

ETA: As uniquewonders has just pointed out in comments over at bloodclaim, you can also set your syndication level via the Admin Console:

set synlevel option
set for communityname synlevel option

The options are:
* full - includes full entry text
* summary - includes excerpt of entry text
* title - includes subject lines only

set synlevel summary
set for bloodclaim synlevel title

You can see the links to your feeds and therefore what their content is in this FAQ.

ETA2: Also courtesy of uniquewonders, here is a link to a comprehensive list of privacy settings you can tweak to suit yourselves.

(Feel free to link here or repost.)

halfway between possum trot and monkeys eyebrow: Chris Devil Lipsely_jan on October 19th, 2006 05:08 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much!
darkhavensdarkhavens on October 19th, 2006 05:12 pm (UTC)
You're welcome. I'm rather pissed at lj for providing these feeds in the first place, but they're not new, and people have complained before and got nowhere, so I figure the best thing to do is let everyone know how to turn off the access.

(Deleted comment)
darkhavensdarkhavens on October 19th, 2006 05:13 pm (UTC)
That's a good point!
kitty_poker1kitty_poker1 on October 19th, 2006 05:20 pm (UTC)
Done. What a tosser. I needed a shower after reading his self-congratulatory post.

Thanks, sweetie. *smooch*
darkhavensdarkhavens on October 19th, 2006 05:33 pm (UTC)
YW, darlin'. There are quite a few websites out there which use the different feeds, so that's a big chunk of bandwidth being leeched.
kitty_poker1kitty_poker1 on October 19th, 2006 05:41 pm (UTC)
I really don't understand why he and others think what they've done is oh-so-clever and what anyone would have done if they'd just thought of it. Well, no. Most of us have respect for our fellow bloggers and their bandwidth and privacy.

Nice to see the LJ Abuse team has been so assiduous. Not.
darkhavensdarkhavens on October 19th, 2006 05:47 pm (UTC)
LJ are the ones that produce the feeds that make these sites and comms possible and so long as we have the option to opt-out, I don't think the Abuse team are interested. :/
kitty_poker1kitty_poker1 on October 19th, 2006 05:59 pm (UTC)
We've never been given the chance to make an informed choice because that requires information. Weird. They can post about how jolly it'll be when we have adverts covering every square inch of our journals, but not about this. Irritated, moi? *g*
tabaqui: spikenjoycegrrrbypretties4utabaqui on October 19th, 2006 06:19 pm (UTC)
Yay, you, for posting this. I did it already for my own lj off of a comment left at sueworld2003 and intended to link to that in my next post. I think i'll link to you, instead, just because you're so succinct and the instructions are so clearly written.

Also - gah! LJ should tell us *everything* we have the option of opting out of, so we can *choose*. I wrote to the abuse lj and talked about this guy hotlinking and their response was 'it's from the lj feed and most of the images are not hotlinked'. So basically 'we don't give a shite'.

Thanks, bay-bee.
darkhavensdarkhavens on October 19th, 2006 06:23 pm (UTC)
YW! :D

The whole mess had popped up several times on my flist so I thought I'd pass the message on. I cobbled this together from snippets of three different posts and added my own inimitable touch. ;)

Feel free to link; the more people see this the better. Opting out isn't an option if you don't know there's anything for you to opt out from.

tabaquitabaqui on October 19th, 2006 06:52 pm (UTC)
Exactly! Tell me what i *can* opt out of - i'll bet it's a lot of stuff!

I wonder where, exactly, you find that stuff out...
darkhavensdarkhavens on October 19th, 2006 07:09 pm (UTC)
There are a bunch of other console command lines here: http://wiki.noljads.com/Console_Commands but I don't really know what half of them do.

http://wiki.noljads.com/ is pretty new and buggy, but provides some information on where to find out stuff like this.
tabaquitabaqui on October 19th, 2006 07:54 pm (UTC)
Yeah, i looked at that and was baffled, too. Gah.
Thanks for the other link, though - i'll poke around.
darkhavensdarkhavens on October 19th, 2006 08:56 pm (UTC)
uniquewonders has provided me with several links over at bloodclaim, so I've edited that post and this one to include the new data.

Go and poke around! *points upthread* :D
tabaquitabaqui on October 19th, 2006 09:04 pm (UTC)
Cool cool. Thank you! Both!
beer_good_foamy on October 19th, 2006 09:51 pm (UTC)
Thanks a lot for the info. I really wasn't all that pissed off with iconscraper until I read his "defense"... *insert profanity of your own choice here*. I've changed my settings at least, hopefully others will follow suit...
darkhavensdarkhavens on October 20th, 2006 12:52 am (UTC)
Yeah, I went to check it out too and was stunned by the attitude shown in the 'explanatory' post.
tabaquitabaqui on October 19th, 2006 11:55 pm (UTC)
Jayzus, could that shite be *more confusing* please? Gah.
What are syndications, anyway? I'm confused.

Gah! LJ, you suck!
darkhavensdarkhavens on October 20th, 2006 12:24 am (UTC)
If you look at my profile, in the 'Friends' section there is a list of personal journals, followed by a list of the comms I'm watching, and then another string of comms that are actually RSS feeds.

RSS is a form of syndication. When you subscribe to the RSS feed of a particular journal or website, each post or update is pushed at your Feed reader - either an extra little program on your desktop or your browser (Opera, Firefox but not IE) - so instead of having to visit each website to see if it has been updated, the post, or a link to it, is sent to you directly.

LJ lets you set up feeds of websites you want to watch, so long as they provide an RSS link on the site. These feeds are updated regularly and the posts appear on your flist like any other post.

There's a list of available feeds at LJ here.

And you're probably wondering what that has to do with your journal...

Each and every journal at lj has its own syndicated feed, which means that people can read your journal without actually coming to lj. They need only visit once to grab the RSS feed url and, once subscribed, your posts are all delivered to their desktop at regular intervals.

It doesn't appear that you can turn your journal feed off entirely, but you can minimise the information people can see without actually coming to lj by going to the Admin Console and inputting set synlevel title, which means they will receive nothing in the feed but the title of each post and a link to it.

NB Flocked posts aren't included in the feeds, but if you make a public post and then lock it, there is always the possibility that it has already gone out via the feed and there's no way to retroactively remove it.
tabaquitabaqui on October 20th, 2006 12:46 am (UTC)
Good fucking gods.
WTFever, you know? I guess i'll be turning that off, 'cause i don't like that, but wtf, lj? WTF.

Thanks for laying it out for me. Blah!
darkhavensdarkhavens on October 20th, 2006 01:04 am (UTC)
YW. LJ should really make all this shit more transparent and easier to find, but that would probably defeat the purpose. ;)
tabaquitabaqui on October 20th, 2006 01:10 am (UTC)
Yeah, prolly so.
*glares at them*
saifai on October 20th, 2006 12:04 am (UTC)
Thank you, dearest. These are all lovely suggestions. I've setup one or two of them. ::mwah::
darkhavensdarkhavens on October 20th, 2006 12:45 am (UTC)
I've set up a couple of others myself. *smooch*
hush, brilliance working: cala_jane \\ rileyfrk_werewolf on October 21st, 2006 06:42 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for these codes!