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Retail Hell - The Management Game

I don't mention RL stuff here that often, but I feel a need to vent, so brace yourselves.

For those who don't know, I live in a tiny ancient town (first settled 500BC) on the edge of Dartmoor in England - Hound of the Baskervilles country. I work in one of the two small grocery stores in town. I have worked there for 7.5 years, mainly because it's 2 minutes walk from my home and I don't drive so employment opportunities are limited.

In those 7.5 years I have had 6 'permanent' managers and have lost count of the temporary trolls who have passed through. I was hoping that the latest one, Simon, would be here for a while. He has a family, a mortgage, is stable, cheerful, honest, a good worker, etc etc.

He also had a hernia, which was operated on during the last week of July, and has been recovering ever since. He was due back next week.

Today I get in to work to find a sign on the notice board - Simon is no longer the manager. The position will be advertised in the press and until then, we are to struggle on as we have been doing for the past weeks. That is to say badly. Note the complete lack of explanation as to why Simon is no longer manager.

I hate breaking in new managers. They screw up the ordering, try to mess with my shifts, and always come up with 'new' ideas that I've already seen fail over and over again.

So, here's waiting for manager #7 to show up. This one has to be a keeper, right?
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