darkhavens (darkhavens) wrote,

well that was hell

Three powercuts in swift succession made Opera inaccessible and slowed my computer to a crawl. I had to burn off a load of stuff and then delete it just to create the 15% free spaces required to defrag. Defragged. Opera still wouldn't appear.

Now, let me explain this because it has totally and completely boggled me and I'm hoping someone can tell me wtf has happened to my browser:

I click on my Opera icon in the quickstart menu and there's a pause, the little eggtimer goes around and around and then stops, but no browser pops up. But when I ctrl>alt>del to view the Task Manager, there it is, running, under my name (supposedly the only identity on the computer - and WTF is ASP.NET anyway and why do they have a user account on my machine?!). But while it's there in Processes, isn't not there under Applications and it's not visible on my desktop at all.

I dialed the system back to a system restore point in August to try and undo whatever damage had been done by the freaky-ass power fluctuations, but after the restart - click - eggtimer - processes but not apps, yadda yadda yadda.

I finally had to install a new copy in a different directory and copy over what settings etc I could. (Thankfully that includes bookmarks and other precious data), but my Opera session was lost, so those 6 or 7 tabs I had open earlier? Yeah, not a freakin' clue what half of them were.

ETA: I also updated and ran Spybot and Ad-Aware and got rid of several evil cookies and registry entries (gods, I loathe Internet Exploder) and got a clean bill of health spy wise.

In conclusion: *CLINGS*

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