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announcing whedonverse_nb & whedon_updates

There are many fantastic resources for the Joss Whedon created fandoms of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly. There are 'shipping communities, graphics communities and sites, people who recommend vids, fans who write fic or post meta or essays.

But where can you go to find everything that's being produced or talked about in relation to these Whedonverse shows? So far, there isn't such a place.

We think there should be, and so we created whedonverse_nb.

whedonverse_nb will aim to become that place where you can post and notify everyone else in fandom of anything and everything related to any Whedonverse fan info and fan material. Fic, news, graphics, discussions -- you can post it all, and find it all, at whedonverse_nb.

whedonverse_nb models itself after other fandom notice boards, in that we want to be the central location where all the news related to our fandoms gets posted.

How we differ from other noticeboards, though, is that we will have a sister journal featuring compilation links: whedon_updates. That is, after everyone posts all their icons and fics and con news and vid links and community announcements, our collators will go through and collect the posts made to whedonverse_nb, and present them in list-format at whedon_updates.

Two communities, working to cover material of interest to fans and created by fans -- but we can only do it if you post your Whedonverse links to the noticeboard.

Join whedonverse_nb today, and post to the community with your links, graphics, fics, meta, news -- and help us show the depth and breadth of the Whedonverse fandoms.

Watch whedonverse_nb for as-it's-posted news, fics, graphics, and meta.

Watch whedon_updates for compilation posts showing the most recent postings at whedonverse_nb

We = Your friendly neighborhood whedonverse_nb and whedon_updates moderators, darkhavens and entrenous88

Interested in volunteering as a collator for whedon_updates? Go here!

Please spread the news of this far and wide. between the two of us we've managed to cover a good number of communities, but we know there are so many more out there. If you want to reproduce this post, this is the text, including all code:

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