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16 August 2006 @ 05:43 am
Pick a prompt!
Yes, this is yet another attempt to get my words flowing again.

Here are my three Big Damn Tables.

Pick a table, pick a free (unlinked or unbracketed) prompt and then leave a comment telling me what you've picked - fandom and numbered prompt - and maybe a word or phrase or short sentence to provide additional inspiration.

I can't promise to write them immediately, and I can't promise to use your additional inspiration, but I will do my best to come up with something for each of you.

(The prompts in brackets are already claimed in the previous call for prompts, I just haven't written them yet.)

Come one, come all! I'll ETA if/when I think I have enough to keep me going for the next millennia. ;)

Leave your requests in this post, not with the tables, please!

zandra_x on August 16th, 2006 04:54 am (UTC)
Spander (of course)
27. Box--Xander and Spike have a boxing match
93. Plastic--Spike gets a credit card and buys Xander something.
Cat: fangirl, author, artist, and icon maker.: Spander!Kittensbymentalme85catvampcrazines on August 16th, 2006 04:54 am (UTC)
Hee, well, I hope this helps.

Spander table

prompt 34: Breath

Maybe something touching/sweet or smutty ... If you can do both, that'd be lovely. hee. But one or the other works too.

Yay! hee, I think I'm the first.

Thank you *hugs*
dru: butt slapdrvsilla on August 16th, 2006 05:00 am (UTC)
::still getting used to lighter::

Supernatural table, #048 Discover

I lead with John discovers Sam/Dean
Sam and Dean discover each other as Sam/Dean.

Good luck with finding the words again, babycakes. ::smishes::
darkhavens: sn comfort [literati]darkhavens on September 21st, 2006 07:17 pm (UTC)

I got my words back, at least temporarily, and your prompt was the one that pinged for me. :D
katbcollkatbcoll on August 16th, 2006 05:29 am (UTC)
From Supernatural:

#40: Kiss - Dean has always initiated any contact, but this time it's Sam that does it. *hangs head* I'm tipsy, so I apologize if it makes less sense than John's journal entries. *smirks*
I am Derek's vocal eyebrows: hp; mmm [me]literati on August 16th, 2006 05:30 am (UTC)
mwee hee hee!

SN: 074. Corrupt.
I doubt you need an extra prompt for this.

Maz: Dovethismaz on August 16th, 2006 06:11 am (UTC)
Hi, Spander table....

32 Elevator - Any season, but whatever you do with the prompt, it shouldn't be the American lift-type elevator. Nor should it be the name or nickname of a demon/character.

11 Yesterday - As in 'All Our Yesterdays'.

Hope that inspires.
     Mandy: The Long Road Ahead by dawnie1970a_phoenixdragon on August 16th, 2006 06:57 am (UTC)
SPN #39 - Light up the night - but don't leave your brother behind - later in the season... Heavy Dean angst, please! *smoochies you...*
your royal pie-ness: xander omwfentrenous88 on August 16th, 2006 11:42 am (UTC)
From the Joss100 Spander table: #49 -- high

Xander's sick, Spike has to watch him, and Xander goes a little overboard with the cough syrup. :D
etty_kayetty_kay on August 16th, 2006 11:44 am (UTC)
Okay i've had this idea for a while now and it would be awsome if you could do it so here goes...

Supernatural, either prompt 003 or 011
What if john, not being able to pay for a baby sitter, didnt allow dean to start school untill same was old enough for kindy?

Hope it helps

jellicle on August 16th, 2006 01:28 pm (UTC)
Supernatural - Prompt # 014 - It was a lie he lived for so long. Come to think of it, said lie allowed him to come back and have an excuse for being on the road for one year. If his friends ask how he managed to go on for so long, he'd just say he was putting his family's fortune for good use.
Goes "Ding" When There's Stuff: John what Rodney by Xenachansuki_blue on August 16th, 2006 03:04 pm (UTC)

SGA Table

64 - Agony - Rodney breaks his little toe and it hurts like hell.
batmanvinnie: dirty politicians by __alt_iconsbatmanvinnie on August 16th, 2006 04:41 pm (UTC)
For your slash100 McShep Table, I pick:
#1, Beginnings.
I want to see something in which they aren't thrown together by an alien world mishap, but rather someone at Atlantis get tired of them circling each other and orchestrates a rendezvous.
And for your joss100 Spander table, I'm thinking #3, Library.
I personally vote for something in either the high school library, or the watcher's council library, with naughtyness and with possibly with the line "My eyes! My eyes!"
I won't really mind if you don't write these, I'm just hoping that one of them will at least trigger your words or something. Cuz I needs my darkhavens fic!
tabaquitabaqui on August 16th, 2006 07:10 pm (UTC)
I'm gonna go for the SPN table and say 'Swim' 'Crawl' and 'Switch'. No, i got nothin', those words just jumped out at me.

*is weak*
Soooo, so tired. Blah. Being sick sucks.
BDT! Wheeeeeeee!
Seadreamerseadreamer on August 16th, 2006 07:38 pm (UTC)
SGA Box 35 - Mask - In a not-so-typical "Aliens make them STOP doing it" scenario, John and Rodney participate in a ceremony that makes each of them see the other person as someone who scares/intimidates them the most. After the ceremony will they be able to get past the angst and see the real person behind the bad memories, or will the memory of those temporary masks keep them apart?

*grins* yeah, I love melodrama. ^_~
Kristintxrabbit on August 16th, 2006 11:20 pm (UTC)
Spander - #17 & #18

I would like two related drabbles that explore the similarities between love and hate.
The Kk: man who saves the day - SPNkk_d on August 22nd, 2006 07:50 am (UTC)
*waves* 'ello

I request Dean/Sam

034. Promise Ok... I just typed out this long thing and I realised it was incredibly sappy and probably overdone... so I just thought I'd throw in a couple of extra prompts so you could get inspired... I always like to see Sam as the initiator, I don't see it nearly enough. ok... extra prompts, in an order that hopefully will inspire plot bunnies...

012. Want 008. Plan 073. Declare 040. Kiss 023. Flight 059. Trail 021. Caught 079. Argue 034. Promise 078. Embrace The End!

And I wonder if that makes any sense to you.... anywho... *hugs tight* can't wait to read the pretties that come from your computer.

Buh Bye!