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Music meme

I've been tagged by kyrieane, so here they are, if not my seven favourite songs, at the very least they are seven of my favourite songs:

1. Drive by Melissa Ferrick: This is the aural equivalent of sex and makes me see hot, naked, sweaty, sexin' men every damn time I play it. If it ever comes on the radio at work I am going to be so screwed...

2. Mary Mary by Chumbawamba: This is from the soundtrack of the Gabriel Byrne movie Stigmata. (See icon *g*) It's another song that makes me see things, but this time it's Gabriel Byrne in his dog collar and I just want to tear it off - with my teeth. :D

3. Moon Over Bourbon Street by Sting: Honestly, I could have filled this up with songs by Sting and The Police, but I restricted myself to just one song per artist, and this is definitely my favourite. It's from his early album 'Dream of the Blue Turtles', which lived in my tapedeck when I was about 15. I could play it all day and all night and never get bored, but I'd always stop when this track came on so I could sing along. Ah, my vampire love was strong even then. *g*

4. You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet by Bachman Turner Overdrive: This brings back so many memories of my later teenage years, rock discos, rock clubs, heavy metal nights... Plus, I still remember all the moves to the 'snot' dance we used to do to this somewhere around pint #5. (Don't ask, it's something that has to be seen. *g*)

:5. Little Brown Jug by Glenn Miller I fell in love with Miller's music when I was about 7 and my grandfather bought me a turntable of my own and lent me his favourite Glenn Miller album. Six months later he asked for it back and I let him have it - for a week. Then it was back in my careful little hands and back on my turntable and there it stayed until I was about 9 and I got me a tapedeck. One crackly copy later, we were both happy and listening to the great Mr Miller and his Orchestra.

6. Where Do You Go To My Lovely by Peter Sarstedt: This is one of the first non-nursery/non-school-related songs I learned, because my mother would put on her music and get me to dance and sing. (Evil woman!) I loved it then, and I still do.

7. Sweet Dreams cover by Marilyn Manson: I am a child of the 80s and I adore the original Eurythmics version, but something about this one just makes me shiver with delight and want to get up and headbang.

Choosing just seven was difficult. My playlists tend to stretch to 30, 40 and sometimes over 50 tracks at a time. And, as is obvious, my music collection is rather eclectic. And I didn't even include any classical! Carl Orff's 'O Fortuna' would definitely have made #8. ;)

And now I'm supposed to tag seven people. Yike. *stares at flist* I can't remember who has done this and who hasn't, so this is a vaguely random choice - kitty_poker1, drvsilla, ponders_life, staranis, esmerelda_t, princess_s and suki_blue. No pressure, no obligation, you all just drew the short straws. *g*

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