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For txrabbit, just to prove it can be done

Can you believe it? I set a damn bunny on myself! That'll teach me to think before I post. Don't let me do it again, 'k?

So, here it is, cos I wondered if it could be done: a 50 word drabble...

Fingertips, as light as feathers
Trace old patterns on cold skin
Slowly build up lust and hunger
Slowly transfer heat as well
Pinch and tickle, stroke and pet
Suddenly all’s heat and wet
Have a nibble, give a lick
Lube and stretch and in there quick
Blood. Come.
Screams. Done.

Apparently whisky makes me poetic.
::glares suspiciously at glass::
Or maybe it's the banana liqueur 'mixer'. #op
Tags: btvs:s/x:misc, miscfic:poetry

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