darkhavens (darkhavens) wrote,

'How It Might Have Gone…', S/X, S/X, X/X

Author: darkhavens AKA Pootie.
Title: How It Might Have Gone... 1/1
Pairing: Allusions to Spike/Xander1, Spike/Xander2, Xander/Xander
Fandom: Buffy
Rating: R
Words: 1070
Feedback/Concrit: darkhavens @ slashverse.com
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be. No harm, no foul, no money made.
Warnings/Squicks: Bondage, non-con and Dom/sub
Summary: Spike was right there when Xander got zapped and split in two by Toth's stick in Ep 5.03 'The Replacement'. This is what might have happened if he'd stuck around after everyone else had left.
Notes: written for entrenous88's Replacement Celebration -- A Two Xanders Are Better Than One Brouhaha, on the occasion of her birthday. Happy birthday, darlin'!

Spike was surprised to find the Scoobies' resident idiot lying unconscious in the middle of the dump. Doubly so, as he clearly recalled watching the band of irritating do-gooders help the boy out of this self same pile of stinking trash over an hour ago.

They'd skipped off home to their new lair, arm in arm and full of plans on how to take this new foe down. Nauseating. And yet here he was, Xander Harris, Sunnydale's own Boy Blunder, lying defenceless at his enemy's feet. Spike couldn't resist.

The chip fired a warning shot as Spike's Doc Marten connected solidly with Xander's ankle, but the boy slept on. Spike grinned.


It wasn't an easy task to carry the great lug through the dump and across town to the local demon-run motel. The crypt would have been much too obvious. Besides, if it got messy, he wouldn't have to bother cleaning up afterwards, and D'dak owed him a couple of favours - a free room, door-to-door blood and no curious maids sniffing around would suit him nicely. The perfect setup.


Xander was still unconscious, naked and tied to the bed when Spike got back. He'd taken a quick jaunt to find out what exactly was hunting the Slayer this time and how it had managed to leave him such an interesting gift. And now he knew.

Toth. The go-to demon for sticks of separation. Well, stick. But what a nifty stick it was, splitting a person into stronger and weaker halves without as much as a 'by your leave'. Spike applauded the idea, and, if the git had managed to hit what he was aiming at, half of Spike's troubles would already be over.

Not that Spike was complaining about how things had worked out. He had a plan. He'd seen the other Xander - looking unusually smart and strangely confident - and this plan had popped into his head full-grown. Spike reached out to try and shake this Xander into wakefulness, a gleeful grin of anticipation creasing his face.


"So you see, he's you, you're him, and now I know all your dirty little secrets. You've been quite a naughty boy, Harris. Wouldn't want the girls to know half the things I do, yeah? That bitch of a hyena you've got living in your head for instance, and how you lied about it, to all of them, the Watcher included."

The Xander who wasn't presently tied to the bed growled and his eyes flashed eldritch bright for just a second. And then he blinked and looked curious, even as the tied up version whined in terror through his gag.

"She's… stronger, isn't she? Closer to the surface? I bet that's a side effect of you being split in two. There's only half a soul in you now but she's all there, just waiting to come out and play again. Feel good, does it?"

Spike looked delighted with the unexpected glimpse of animalistic spirit - it added that extra layer of fun to know that Xander - this Xander - might not be totally human. Or at least not as human as he was before.

"Don't worry about her, she's under control. She knows she's not in charge here."

Upright Xander looked confident in tight jeans and a plain blue shirt, but the fingers fiddling with something in his pocket gave the game away. Spike smirked.

"Neither are you, mate. This is my game, and these are the rules. I'm going to keep your lesser half here with me, out of harm's way - he's even more of a demon magnet now he's lost his common sense and that bit of hyena that made a lot of them think twice. He's ripe and juicy and screaming out for a good strong demon to come along and scoop him up. That'd be me.

"I'll keep him safe, and fed and… busy, and you'll keep on working and playing nice with your little friends, but you'll be keeping me in blood, smokes and whisky. And sex. You're gonna watch while I fuck that little boy's brains out. He's already told me most of the fantasies he's had about being buggered, used and abused and petted and owned. So sweet. And he's gonna watch while I do you. Might even make him suck you off while I'm pounding away in your arse, all tied up so he can't even push you out if you go too deep."

Twin waves of pheromones hit Spike from both sides, and his dick twitched hungrily.

"You don't think I'll stake you the first chance I get? I'm not going to let you keep him - me - us - as fucktoys!"

Spike's smirk doubled in wattage and he threw out the final lure, the real hook from which the whole plan would hang, if Mr Suave took the bait. It was a good bet - the half on the bed seemed to have the same purity and inherent goodness as he had when he was whole, which meant that this other half wasn't as much of a good guy as everyone might expect.

"Look at him lying there, panicking, snivelling into his gag. I didn't even get to hurt him before he cracked and told me everything. He's weak. Now look at you - confident, finally some semblance of dress sense after all these years - you're stronger now. You're more. If you stake me and take him back, think about what you're losing. I bet you haven't tripped over your own feet all day, haven't felt the need to spew out idiotic jokes and wisecracks.

"Have you talked to Buffy yet? Red? Rupert? Did any one of them notice you weren't quite yourself? Or did they treat you with a bit of respect for once, like a grown up. Was it a thrill?"

The Xander on the bed kicked and struggled as he listened to Spike's carefully sharpened barbs slide home, screaming through his nose as the Other actually stopped to think.

Spike pushed his advantage.

"He'd be the perfect toy for both of us, you and me. You know exactly what he wants and how hard he wants it, and you'd have me to give it to you the way you want it. Me, I'd have something to keep me busy and out of too much trouble. Nobody would ever have to know."

Upright Xander smiled slowly, gazed into his Other's eyes, and nodded once.

Tags: btvs:s/x:misc

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