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And the wierd just keeps happening...

As some of you know, my mother lives on the Mediterranean coast. Every week or two she phones and we have a short chat, share gossip, news, tv and movie recs.

Today she told me she'd been channel-hopping and landed on a German channel, only pausing because she recognised someone sitting in a car from an American soap - The Bold And The Beautiful, or Days Of Our Lives, "something crap like that" - that she occasionally watched for the bad acting, hilarious plots and the pretty.

The last thing she saw before the ad break was someone putting a scarf around his neck and trying to kill him. She went hunting for a blank video to record a few minutes so she could pause it and study him and try to figure out who he was/what she knew him from. (Or, more likely, so she could bring the video with her when she visits me in a couple of months so I can take a look and identify him for her. It wouldn't be the first time!) Unfortunately he didn't reappear.

And then she told me the show she was watching (in German, which she doesn't speak) was Smallville.

Now, I've never watched Smallville (okay, half an episode, once - I tried, dammit!) or any of those American soaps, but I know my mother, and I thought I might know who it was. I asked one question: "Is he insanely pretty?" And when she said "Oh, god, yes!" I knew that my mother was fangirling Jensen Ackles. And apparently she has been doing so for years. She even asked me why I'd taken so long to notice him.

I'm hoping that one of my flist will confess to watching Smallville (anonymous comments are acceptable *g*) and can tell me that a) I was right and it was Mr Ackles, and b) whether or not he survived the attack so I can let her know if it's worth tuning back in.

I'm not entirely sure whether to be amused or disturbed that our tastes have become so similar, and that she got there first, dammit!

When she comes to visit, I can see we're going to be spending a lot of time poring over my carefully hoarded jpegs, clips and avis. :D

Incidentally, she knew nothing of Smallville, and when I said it was one of the worst shows ever, she agreed loudly and said 'This one man caught a car with his bare hands!'

I managed to tell her he was Superman without giggling too much. *g*

My life never gets dull.
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