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My Top Five Meme responses and GIP!

In this post I asked my flist to ask me for top five whatevers and I got three very different responses. And a laugh. :P

alizarin_nyc asked for my five sexiest and most generally appreciated kinks. These are my top five kinks (for now). *g*

1. Biting. Or, more precisely, being or identifying with the bitee. The whole pain/pleasure thing, with visible memory triggers. Ooh yeah. This is my bulletproof kink.

2. Control, both having it and losing it (not to be confused with D/s). Imagine character A pinning character B to a wall/floor/bed and ravaging them until both are limp and sated. Character B wants it and knows he shouldn't, but with character A so close and grinding like that he just can't hold back.

3. Talky sex. I love it when there's talking, be it dirty or cursing or begging or babbling. Broken phrases or slow, detailed accounts of what is about to be done - they melt my knees.

4. A brain, cos smart really is sexy. I like people who can hold their own in a knock-down drag-out argument and then buy the other guy a drink and come back for more - because it's fun!

5. A sense of humour, which really goes along with #4. I love people who show their intelligence with snark and quick wit and inventive insults. I love the twinkle in a person's eye when they get the joke that nobody else even noticed.

entrenous88 asked for '5 Reasons Why the Buffyverse is the BEST fandom, forever and ever, amen. =P'

1. Vampires.

2. Spike. And yes, he's a vampire, so he could be included in #1, but he's such a unique vampire he deserves a mention of his own. he's love's bitch in a long leather coat and chipped black nail polish and he loves so intensely and absolutely. Even totally evil he was my hero.

3. Xander. Admittedly, I didn't immediately fall under his spell, but that was entirely my fault for missing The Pack the first time they showed S1. If I'd seen that ep back then I would have been a Xanderista for many more years. I love his humour, his inability to see what a freaking amazing hero he is, and of course, the pretty. Cos he so is.

4. MotW. Honestly. I adore shows that have a Monster of the Week element. This includes cop shows and forensics shows, with the MotW being the murderer or means of murder, as well as Supernatural with it's new evil to battle every week. But Buffy had some of the coolest, silliest MotWs and I miss the fun of seeing what rubber suit they'd be killing each week.

5. Slash. The Buffyverse was my entry into the joys of slash. Until I stumbled over Waiting Here by Alexandria Brown (and stopped laughing at the idea of that particular pairing long enough to read it), I was oblivious to the existence of slash, and totally uninterested in the idea of fanfiction. The Buffyverse has given me some amazing friends, the incentive to write and share my visions of my boys, and a wide and varied collection of porn. Thank you, Buffyverse. :D

saifai asked for 5 Sexiest Things About Forge (Fred and George Weasley).

I haven't seen the latest movie, but I've read the books and can extrapolate from there. *g*

1. Brothercest. One of my newest kinks, thanks to my shiny new fandom 'Supernatural'.

2. Twincest. Related to #1, but a highly significant subsection of same. This is the ultimate in self-love - the closest most guys ever get to sucking their own cock. And the mental images of identical pretty boys touching and writhing together? Yeah. Works for me.

3. Redheads. My first real crush was on one of my brother's friends who had a wild mop of coppery curls that almost brushed his shoulders. I never quite got over it.

4. They are twin brothers who swear they are up to no good. What's a slashgoggle wearer to think other than the obvious?

5. They are twin brothers who do magic and co-own and run a magic joke shop. They're brains and pretty with a double dose of wicked humour. What's not to love?

Also - GIP! Made by literati from a cap of the Happy Feet trailer, capped by marishna. It's penguins, hugging, and in my head that spells McShep but YMMV. :D
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