darkhavens (darkhavens) wrote,

'Very Familiar', 2/2

Author: darkhavens
Title: Very Familiar
Chapter: 2/2
Pairing: Spike/Xander/Darden/Sasha
Rating: NC-17
Words: 2,158
Feedback/Concrit: darkhavens @ slashverse.com
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be. No harm, no foul, no money made.
Warnings/Squicks: 3way/4way sex with tails, demon genitalia, and a bit of tail-spank kink, which is new to Spike. *g*
Summary: See warnings/squicks.
Previous chapters: Hot In the City was the original story that spawned the demon tail pornfest. You don't have to have read that one, but you do need to have read part one of 'Very Familiar' to make sense of this one.
Notes: Tails are hot. Who knew?

Very Familiar, 2/2

Aftershocks were still rippling through Xander's frame when he felt the bed shift down by his feet. He rolled his head on the pillow, not quite finding the strength to lift it, and peered down the length of his and Sasha's naked bodies.

Spike, on his hands and knees and also completely nude, paused and grinned in wicked anticipation before diving forward, slotting himself neatly into the middle of the pair.

"That was bloody hot, Xan, that bit with the tail. Tail-spank kink's a new one on me."

Too drained even to attempt to blush, Xander watched as Spike dragged a single pale finger through the slowly drying splashes of come on Xander's tanned belly, before lifting it to his mouth and fellating it obscenely. Xander's cock twitched.

As he watched Spike savour the mingled tastes of him and Sasha, Xander felt the bed dip again, this time behind him. A second later, Darden's hand was resting on his hip and a string of butterfly kisses was being pressed along his spine.

"Xander, thank you. Was humbling gift. Will live in Darden's memory forever, Spike's too, yes?"

Spike pulled his finger from his mouth with a wet pop and leaned forward to press a fast, hard kiss to Xander's lips.

"Damn right, mate. Never seen anything prettier in my life than my boy with a tail between his legs."


"What?" Spike blinked innocently. "It's a good look on you, luv. Might have to ask around to see if anyone knows a spell. Nothing permanent," he hurried to reassure. "Maybe just for high days and holidays - and club nights. Then everyone would want a piece of… Hmm, maybe not. I don't really want to spend entire evenings breaking grabby hands, and you always get wound up when I get jealous."

Wriggling closer to Xander, Spike's hand slipped around Darden's and lightly scratched at Xander's tailbone where the tail would be.

"Plenty of time to talk about this later, eh, luv? Right now I think it's time for round two, don't you?"

Darden rumbled happily against Xander's back, and Sasha's tail curled round to stroke Spike's flank.

Xander swallowed, hard. His demon magnet status had never been this obvious before - he was now sharing a bed with three completely different species, and somehow couldn't bring himself to care all that much. He wondered if the fire-apple brandy was to blame for his total lack of worry about where this might end up, but the tail sliding up between his thighs and across his stomach wiped his brain clean of higher functions and he let it go.

The tip of Darden's tail was flicking at his nipple rings as Darden nibbled delicately across his nape and shoulders. Spike was teasing his ass with wickedly flicking, tickling fingers as he mouthed the fragile skin below Xander's ear. That would mark.

Over Spike's shoulder, Xander saw Sasha give a lurid wink before eeling down the bed along Spike's back. A moment later, tanned, callused hands lifted Spike's leg and bent it forward, angling it across Xander's upper thigh, hooking his ankle neatly in the crook of Darden's knee.

Spike swallowed a gasp and Xander recognised the tiny sound. It happened every time he licked Spike's ass. A tiny pang of jealousy fluttered, then was gone, as Xander realised he had the chance to watch Spike's shifting face. He knew that Sasha, in his earlier trip through Xander's mind, had learned exactly how Spike liked to fuck, and be fucked. And that meant that whatever had caused that blissful eye-roll was something good that Xander often did. It was amazing.

Releasing Xander's neck after one last, sharp nip, Spike licked his way up Xander's throat to his mouth. He caught Xander's lower lip between blunt, still-human teeth, and sucked in matching rhythm with his ass-grabbing hand. Then his tongue forced its way inside, as did his finger, and Xander found himself skewered neatly at both ends.

Yet again, Xander thanked the gods of gay sex that Spike insisted he be thoroughly prepped before they ventured out. Club nights, patrol nights, nights out at the Bronze - the only nights that Xander refused lube were Dawnie's chick flick nights. They both knew that fighting, dancing, even playing pool, would end up with a bout of frantic sex against a wall. After Spike had lost the tube a second time while kicking ass and Xander had been waddling for a week, they planned ahead. Thankful, Xander pressed back into Spike's grasp, taking his finger as deep as it would go. He whined into the kiss, and Spike understood. He quickly added a second slim digit and brushed Xander's prostate gland.

Xander nearly swallowed Spike's tongue from the stimulation, squirming on the slowly thrusting fingers, wanting even more. Darden's hand rode lightly on his hip, one finger gently tracing the crease that joined his thigh to his groin, and Xander grabbed it hurriedly, tugged it down and curled it round his cock and Darden groaned.

Darden began to pump the hard flesh in his hand, his tail flicking back and forth between Xander's pierced nipples. The back of Spike's hand as it worked in Xander's ass was welcome pressure on his swollen groin.

Sasha's tongue licked and probed and thrust into Spike, over and over, synchronised with his tail around Spike's cock. He felt Spike's climax building and applied extra pressure - a tighter tail grip as his thumbs slid in beside his tongue. Spike screamed and came, hard - twitching, thrusting blindly against the back of Darden's now-still hand.

Only Darden's grip stopped Xander from following Spike over and into his second orgasm of the night. He trembled on the plateau for a moment, almost there, then slipped back, panting, throbbing, wondering what else there was to come.

It took several minutes for everyone to catch their breath and ease back from the razors-edge sensation they were balanced on. Sasha wriggled up to rest his chin on Spike's shoulder, sharing a sweet smile, first with Xander then with Darden.

Kisses were exchanged between the four once they could move, and then Spike verbalised what Xander was thinking.

"Darden, mate, looks like you've been giving not receiving. Everybody else has popped their cork, but not you. Can't say I've heard much about your species' mating habits. Anything we can do to get you off?"

Okay, so maybe Xander wouldn't have put it quite that way, but still, he was curious to hear the answer.

Reluctantly, Darden uncurled his fingers from Xander's cock and pulled his tail back down Xander's belly and between his thighs. Then he shuffled back and up until he reached the headboard, settling himself against its padded high support.

One hand moved down to rest motionless beside his groin and three pairs of eyes followed the movement. Where a cock would normally be there was a knot of flesh, easily the size of two clenched fists. It pulsed slowly, echoing the rise and fall of Darden's chest, and every third expansion caused a tiny slit to show.

"My species is asexual, or maybe this is mono? We have same equipment… genitalia? At time of breeding, karsheena - is like sperm - is produced. Then tail is used," - his tail curled up and round and slipped inside the slit, reappearing slick with demon sperm - "transfers karsheena to other of our kind. Is fast, simple way to reproduce. Is no fun."

Spike and Xander both reached for their groins in silent sympathy - the thought of being cockless was cruelly obscene. Sasha watched the tail waving gently in the air until Darden nodded and flicked the tip his way. Lightning fast, Sasha moved, swallowing it down. Spike and Xander watched the hungry rippling of his throat.


"Yeah, that's… uh… Okay, I have no words. Well, except that's kinda hot but kinda squicky. I mean…"

Darden reached down and patted Xander's closest shoulder.

"Is okay, Xander. Is odd. Is why I prefer other species for fun. First time, you sat on Darden's lap, on karsh." Darden patted the bulge at his groin. "Pressure, movement - both feel good. And tail is very sensitive. I like see you, others, have sex, be happy. Is pleasure for me, up here." He touched his temple, and shivered as Sasha let his tail slip free.

"Now I think is time for Spike sandwich, yes?"

Spike made his support of that plan very clear, and quickly rearranged everyone to his liking.

Darden stayed seated, while Sasha lay on his back with his head on Darden's karsh and Darden's tail across his chest. Sasha's legs were folded up and draped over Spike's shoulders as Spike discovered that Sasha too was stretched and pre-lubed. Darden grinned and shrugged at Spike's cocked eyebrow.

"Is play night."

Slowly, Spike eased his renewed erection into Sasha, noting the tiny differences between this body and Xander's. The heat was slightly off, a degree or two cooler, and the skin was just the tiniest bit rougher to the touch. The tail was also odd, brushing back and forth beneath his cock, the friction adding frissons to the waves of intense feelings. No, there was no way he'd ever mistake this boy for Xander, but the similarities were good enough to fill his fantasies.

Once he was deeply embedded, Spike spread his thighs and wiggled his ass at Xander crouched behind him.

"Come on, Xan. It's not like you've never topped before. Climb aboard and let's get this orgy started."

"I… Spike… What about lube?"

"Trust me, luv, I really don't mind a bit of rough." He wiggled his ass again and Xander inched forward.

"Look, I know you like it, but it really hurts my dick. When you're too dry I end up getting friction burns!"

"Xan, luv, please just…"

Darden's tail appeared slick with something Xander made the immediate decision not to recognise.

"Uh, thanks."

Hesitant fingers gathered up the proffered - stuff - and applied it to the waiting tight white ass.

Spike pressed back, then forward into Sasha once more, and clenched his buttocks hard around Xander's digits.

"Get on with it!"

Obediently, Xander shuffled forwards into place, and gritted his teeth as Spike's snug passage rippled around his cock.

"Jesus, Spike, that's… oh, yeah!"

It took a few tries to establish a rhythm that made everybody happy. Coordinating that amount of limbs took practice.

As Xander pulled back, so did Spike, and then they'd both thrust forward, crushing Sasha deep into the mattress and Darden's karsh. Darden's tail moved from back to thigh to neck to shoulder, touching, stroking, tickling and scratching. Occasionally it slipped back into Darden's karsh and came out slick, and each time Sasha swallowed it straight down, like it was chocolate.

The fourth time it appeared, Xander must have licked his lips, because instead of curling down to Sasha's mouth it aimed for Xander's.

Damp with sweat, his arms and thighs trembling with fatigue and passion, Xander paused and swallowed in indecision. The unexpected feel of Sasha's tail snaking out between Spike's thighs to wrap around his balls and cock made him gasp, and Darden's tail slipped between his lips into his mouth.

Sugar, spice, honey, chocolate, something rich and tingling - flavours by the dozen played a symphony on his tongue. His hips began to pump harder, faster, as he sucked the tail, trying to swallow every single drop and draw out more.

Xander whined when the tail pulled free, but kept on pounding, needing, more than anything, to come, to feel Spike come.

"Now, Spike… Please, I… Now!"

Darden's tail cracked across Xander's flexing buttocks and, once again, that was enough to push him into freefall. The feel of Xander's teeth in his shoulder did the same for Spike, who gave the final bump and grind that Sasha also needed.

He may have yelled - he certainly didn't shriek - and then his legs collapsed, and Xander toppled slowly off Spike's back onto the bed. Spike went the other way, sliding out of Sasha, and Sasha lay replete in the middle, dazed and happy.


In the end, Spike had to help Xander back into his trousers; his fingers were too jittery to grasp the zipper tabs. Spike sat him in a chair and left him lacing up his boots while he went and cornered Darden near the bar.

"Cheers mate. I owe you one. You helped fulfil a fantasy. I won't forget this night in a hurry, that's for sure."

"Was good, indeed. Much fun to watch, and even more to play. I hope to play again, sometime, maybe, if Xander like."

They looked across the room at Xander, slumped in the chair, Sasha on his knees retying the mis-laced boots.

"Oh, I'd say he definitely liked this evening's fun and games. It's his birthday soon. I'll call and make arrangements."

Tags: btvs:other, btvs:s/x:tailkink

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