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Two years ago today darkhavens was born

I had been at lj for a few months when I decided I needed a journal for the darker side of my personality as well as the one I used for my more 'acceptable' self, and lo, darkhavens was born.

Two weeks to the day later (that's the 18th), I discovered Spander, and suddenly I found myself spending much more time as darkhavens as I scoured LJ and the web for more of my new obsession.

That original journal hasn't been deleted, but it's definitely been abandoned to the fates - and no, you wont be prying the name out of me, whatever you try.

So, two years. In that time I've created my first ever website, gone through three different webhosts, made a squillion new friends, actually met some, and, in the last few months, done something I never thought I would - I went bi-fandom. And it only hurt for a little while. *g*

Thank you to everyone who has helped make those two years so much fun. And let's hope they're just the beginning! :D
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