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'Very Familiar' 1/2

Author: darkhavens
Title: Very Familiar 1/2
Pairing: Spike/Xander, Xander/OMC, with hints of future 3some/4some action.
Rating: NC-17, Adults Only
Words: 2900
Feedback/Concrit: darkhavens @ slashverse.com
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be. No harm, no foul, no money made.
Warnings/Squicks: Tail porn (again), and not quite twincest.
Summary: Spike and Xander return to the demon-owned club Epoch and have a very unusual encounter with a very familiar demon.
AN1: Sequel to 'Hot In The City', though you need not have read that to follow this story.
AN2: Written for fall_for_sx

Very Familiar

Xander was feeling a little nervous about Club Night. It had been two weeks since their first trip to Epoch and Xander still had vivid sense memories of that prehensile tail wrapping around his thigh, around his cock - his and Spike's cocks - bringing him so much pleasure he'd passed out, and all in public.

Two weeks - barely the blink of an eye - and suddenly it was Club Night again. He shivered, and Spike paused, jet-black liquid eyeliner beading at the tip of the brush held a finger's width from his eye.

"I've told you, Xan, even if Darden's there you don't have to do anything. He's not gonna expect you to put out every time he sees you. He probably picks a different pretty boy each time he's horny, so don't go working yourself into a lather over nothing. If you'd rather, we can go somewhere else entirely. It's not like Epoch's the only mixed club in town. I heard there's a new one opened, just off Alameda, so we'll drop in there and see if it's worth our time. If not, we can catch a cab across town to Epoch. If Darden makes another pass we'll deal."

Taking the silent blink as acquiescence, Spike reapplied himself to putting the finishing touches to Xander's face. Then, artistic endeavour completed, he turned to the stack of boxes piled haphazardly in the corner and began to unwrap his latest finds.

"Oh God, Spike, there's nothing in there with chains on is there? You know I get embarrassed if I rattle when I walk." Xander's plea for reassurance went unanswered.

Curious brown eyes watched as Spike peeled back layers of tissue paper without actually lifting anything up so Xander could see.


Spike grinned, and reached into the closest box, lifting out a pair of burgundy leather pants. Xander barely registered the colour, his eyes too busy studying the crotch.

"They're lace-ups? Spike, you barely have enough control to open a zipper. The one time I wore pants that laced you tore the damn things off. I had fabric burns in very uncomfortable places for a week!"

With a sniff, Spike turned the garment so the bedroom light glinted off the zippers that ran from anklebone to hip on either side.

"Oh." Xander frowned. "Why bother with laces if you're going to use zippers anyway?"

"Stand up and drop the towel and I'll show you."


So, according to Spike's hands-on show and tell, the laces were to prevent you from rearranging yourself after your vampire lover stroked you off until you were hard and then closed your pants up so tight you could barely breathe.

Xander had tried slipping a hand down in front, trying to make his erection a little less noticeable. Spike had promptly retaliated by tightening the laces, so now everyone who cared to look could see his rock hard cock, neatly outlined by the criss-crossed thongs.

Every time he moved, the brush of leather sent another shot of pleasure shooting hotly down his spine and though his balls, and Xander knew he'd stay this hard, or harder, until Spike let him come, but first, knowing Spike, there would be dancing and a fight or two. Somehow, he just couldn't seem to mind.

The rest of the boxes revealed other treasures. Ankle boots in softest kidskin, laced and dyed to match. A shirt, as light as gossamer and equally transparent, barely tinting his skin a darker hue. The largest box contained a leather coat - three-quarter, burgundy - that Xander was convinced was made to measure. It hugged his shoulders like a second skin, with room to move, and fell in perfect lines to finish just below the knee.

Spike slapped his hands away when Xander went to fasten it.

"Did I say you could cover yourself up? No, I didn't. Leave it open, let them see how gorgeous my boy is, with pretty pierced nipples and a hard, hard cock."

Two sets of eyes dropped to Xander's chest where the solid silver hoops and capture beads were clearly visible.

"I still don't know why I let you talk me into that. I'm sure the guys at work are going to notice sometime soon."

"I didn't talk. If you think back, I had my bloody mouth full. Sucked you off while Loubech stuck his needle though your tits, threaded those lovely rings through your new holes, and then healed you up. And if anyone at work starts mouthing off just send them my way. I'll introduce the wankers to Loubech, he'll make them scream."


The club on Alameda was lively but not their kind of place. Demons were outnumbered ten to one by human, and most were either trophies, pets or toys. They left quickly.

Darden was just inside the door when they finally got to Epoch, and Xander was immediately overwhelmed by his size. Somehow he'd forgotten how big - how red - Darden was, and he was positive the horns hadn't been quite that obvious.

As Xander stared, Darden's nose twitched and so did his tail, and he turned towards the door with a beaming grin.

"Xander! You back! Spike, you bring Xander back! Many thanks. Please, meet new… krushka? How say? Mate? Lover?" The happy demon pulled a tall, dark haired youth from behind him and pushed him towards Spike and Xander.

"Sasha, this is Xander. Xander, Spike, my Sasha. Is good, yes?"

Both of them blinked in surprise. Spike spoke first.




Xander turned to stare at Spike, who was busy examining Sasha from head to foot and back to front.

"Really bloody amazing. If you don't mind me asking, what exactly is Sasha? I know of a few demons who can mimic human appearance, but I can't think of one that can mimic a person they've never met."

Darden beamed.

"Pullar. Is rare. Only six, maybe seven left in world. They not reproduce in polluted air. They die out soon - two, maybe three hundred year. But Sasha like it here, like Darden. Make Darden happy by being whoever Darden want. So, for now, Sasha look like Xander. Take picture, memory, out of head through eyes and go to changing pool. Three day later is Xander, more or less. I hope is not offending to you?"

In the lengthening silence Xander realised the question was aimed at him. Huh. Did he mind that a demon he'd had public sex with liked it so much he got another demon to wear his face? And his body, and his… Oh, gods. No doubt Darden's memory had supplied other details too. He barely had time to begin hyperventilating before Spike's hand landed solidly on his arm and tugged him into a tight, reassuring embrace.

""It's not a perfect copy, luv. Sasha doesn't smell like you. He doesn't have your twinkle in his eyes." Spike paused and searched until he found the elusive twinkle. "Even in a room full of fakes I'd know my Xander, my white knight with his kinky little soul. So let Darden off the hook, Xan, and tell him you don't mind. After all, I've never seen a Xander with a tail."

He laughed as Xander twisted round to check out Sasha's ass. True enough he found a tail disturbingly like Darden's. Huh. That was hot!

Darden rumbled, a belly laugh that seemed to shake the room.

"Tail is good. Sexy, yes? Xander, you like last time. We had fun. Sasha much fun with extra tail. You want see?"

Xander looked down at the tail and back up to Darden, puzzled by what the demon thought he couldn't already see.


"He wants to know if you'd be interested in a little demon tail action, luv, like the last time we were here, but with Sasha too. Or maybe instead of, we can sort the details out once you've said yes."

"Yes? Spike, I …"

Xander started to shake his head, but Spike rolled over his less than enthusiastic response.

"Great! Lead the way, mate, but somewhere quieter this time, eh? Maybe a private room in the back?"

Darden, shadowed by Sasha, led the way, weaving through the crowds, glancing back over his shoulder every few steps to check their progress. Xander trailed along in Spike's enthusiastic wake, still not too sure about what he had agreed to. A foursome, a threesome, some kinky twincest thing? He needed a drink. In fact, he thought he probably needed several.

They passed in single file beyond a thick fire door, which cut off most of the noise from the dance floor once it closed. Xander felt the click clear through his spine to his toes, and would have stopped moving if he could, but Spike was bounding on, dragging him determinedly onwards.

A mile or so of corridor and thick carpet later, they finally reached their destination. Darden unlocked a plain green door and waved them in, his tail twitching wildly in what might have been delight. Then he ushered everyone over to the matching sofas, seated Spike and Xander on the one and Sasha opposite.

"Drinks for all, I thinking, yes? Fire-apple brandy. Is warming, sweet and easy on the stomach, with bonus of no hangover in morning."

Glasses were filled and passed in seconds and Xander took a mouthful. Spike was seated now but still bouncing with excitement, eyes flicking from Sasha to Xander and back several times a second. Xander had figured out that it was a freaky twincest thing - he'd finally remembered Spike's reaction to Toth's splitting spell.

Of course, he also remembered his own reaction to Spike's fantasies, spelled out in painful detail as Spike staked out his claim. Two Xanders, two mouths, two pretty cocks for Spike to play with, two asses to explore with eager fingers, cock and tongue. Oh yeah, he remembered. He squirmed.

"Drink! Drink! Is good, fire-apple brandy. Is only one supplier on the coast." Darden expounded on the manufacturing process, and the difficulty of obtaining fire-apples in large enough quantity, pausing every so often to top up their glasses.

Xander listened with half an ear, too busy watching Sasha snuggle up to Darden like he was his personal teddy bear. The brandy was warm and sweet and very easy on the stomach, tasting of apples and liquorice and an indefinable sharpness.

By the time Darden had cracked open the third dusty bottle, Xander was feeling very relaxed indeed, and horny too. He dropped a hand onto Spike's thigh and started to stroke, tracing the inner seam from knee to crotch and back again. Spike slid lower in his seat and spread his thighs, allowing Xander more room to play.

The conversation ebbed and flowed outside of Xander's focus. He watched his fingers tiptoe up the fly of Spike's tight jeans, pausing every so often to scratch and pinch, just hard enough. He could feel the flesh inside thickening, quickening to fullness, and the images Spike had painted in his head bloomed anew. One of Spike and two of him - the tail was new but workable - writhing in a tangle of limbs.

Xander whimpered and Spike took the sound as a sign.

"Darden, mate, have you got a bed in this place? Somewhere we can make ourselves more comfortable, spread out a bit?"

Surprisingly agile, the bulky demon bounded to his feet and opened a door that was hidden behind a curtain. The room beyond was large but still looked small around the circular bed it held - easily ten feet wide at its diameter.


Spike grinned and nodded his agreement.

"There's certainly enough room for four on there." He grabbed up Xander's hand and tugged him in for a kiss, then pulled back and caught Xander's eye.

"You sure, luv? I know you've figured out how much I want this, but getting you drunk to do it was never in the plan."

Catching the tip of his tongue between his teeth Xander thought hard, measuring his level of drunkenness against his aching need.

"I'm not really drunk, Spike, just enough, you know? I don’t think I could do this if I was sober, but I'd want to! It's weird seeing Sasha pretending to be me, but it's actually less freaky than the Toth thing. What's really wierding me out is that he hasn't said a thing yet. Not even a 'hello' or 'are you crazy? I'm not fucking him!' I'd kinda feel better if I knew this was his choice as much as mine."

Darden stepped forward with Sasha hanging compliantly from his arm.

"Sasha cannot talk. Pullar have not vocal chords. You wish to know Sasha say yes to this, yes?"

Xander nodded. Sasha reached out a hand and touched his temple, and suddenly, once again, someone else was inside Xander's head, pushing thoughts and images at him, just like the hyena. But this was different in that Xander still retained control, he was able to reject the wilder thoughts and choose some milder ones.

Seconds later Sasha pulled his hand back and winked, and an evil-looking grin was repeated on identical faces.

Pulling free of their respective demon lovers, they stepped in close and brought their lips together in a kiss, hands locked on biceps until the strangeness faded. Angling their heads brought them closer, turned the heat up, and suddenly hands were roaming wild and free across familiar territory, touching places each knew to be sensitive.

Spike and Darden watched their boys move from innocent touches to urgency, stumbling sideways until they hit the bed and toppled over. Xander clawed at his laced up pants and growled in frustration.

"Zips, Xan, remember? Don't bother with the laces." Spike rolled his eyes as Darden chuckled fondly.

"Pretty boys. In and out of clothing very pretty."

"Yeah. Think we should join them or just watch this first round?"

"Somehow, I think is show just for us. We watch."

By the time they looked back at the bed, Xander had clawed himself free of his pants and skinned the rest of his clothing off his shoulders onto the floor. Sasha had done the same and they were lying on their sides facing one another, fingers lightly tracing across pecs and ribs and biceps, as Xander became accustomed to the wierdness of it all.

He knew from Sasha's sharing that this wasn't the first time he'd been in bed with the person he was mimicking for someone. And even though Xander knew that 'he' was a misnomer - Sasha had been female just as often as he'd been male - he couldn't get his mind around a gender that was neutral. A quick flash of laughter and reassurance from Sasha let him know that 'he' was perfectly acceptable. Pullar were by nature transgendered, switching often, as whim or breeding time or mate requested.

A warm hand on his cock grabbed his attention and made him jump - the only other hands besides his own to touch him there were cool. The heat reflected back his own increasing body temperature and he felt himself begin to lose control. Quickly he dropped his hand to copy Sasha's actions, and moaned as Sasha's strokes increased.

Needing to get closer, Xander hooked a leg over Sasha's hip and dragged himself closer to his body twin. It wasn't enough. Frustrated, he inched closer, wanting, needing, something else and suddenly his mouth was full of tongue and there it was. The lingering taste of fire-apple brandy sent his senses reeling, blended, as it was, with something definitely not him. Spice and copper, sharp and slightly bitter but enticing, Sasha tasted only of himself, not like Xander. The difference was enough to shred the last of Xander's apprehensions, letting him relax completely into the experience. He barely even stiffened when Sasha's tail curled under his thigh and slid between his buttocks to caress his lower back.

Spike watched from the corner of his eye as Darden fidgeted, obviously eager to join the boys at play, but he knew - they both did - that this was something special, their boys were putting on a show as well as seeking pleasure. Their time would come, he knew, and he looked forward to it, but this was something he had longed to see for quite some time.

He inhaled sharply as Sasha's tail first appeared and then disappeared between the tight tanned lower cheeks of his boy. An insane burst of pride swelled his chest when Xander didn't shriek, but barely even twitched before accelerating his stroke.

Hands and elbows moved even faster than before, as pelvises bumped and ground together. The two tanned bodies on the bed squirmed in tandem, pushing against each other, against the bed, straining for release. A sudden flick of the tail across Xander's tensed buttocks was enough to send him over the edge into pulsing orgasm, and his unmeasured grasp on Sasha's cock did the same. They came together, Xander vocalising for them both in wordless groans.

Spike's cock twitched in eagerness to join in. He wanted some of that tail action for himself. He turned to Darden.

"Shall we?"


continued here
Tags: btvs:other, btvs:s/x:tailkink

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