darkhavens (darkhavens) wrote,

'Requirement', for literati, for the_fund

Author: darkhavens
Title: Requirement
Pairing: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy
Rating: NC-17
Words: 1235
Concrit: darkhavens @ slashverse.com
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be. No harm, no foul, no money made.
Warnings/Squicks: They're over 16 and there's a blowjob and some tie kink.
Spoilers: Miniscule ones for Book 6.
Summary: Draco finally gets Harry's attention.
Beta'd By: kitty_poker1, who didn't enjoy it all, honest. ;)
Notes: Written for literati for her donation to the_fund, set up to help lostgirlslair and her fiance who were, until recently, residents of New Orleans.


Draco was suspicious when the invite was delivered, requesting his appearance at Slughorn's next soiree. He accepted, of course, if only to see the look on Potter's face when he saw that Draco was now one of the chosen few.

As it turned out, seeing Potter's expression was hardly a problem, Slughorn had arranged the seating to put them face to face. But Potter had spent the evening avoiding Draco's gaze, looking everywhere, at anyone but him. Until now.

Draco listened with half an ear to the twittering, shallow conversations that flowed around the table while he sat, watching Potter, until the urge to yawn and stretch caught him unaware.

He was revelling in the pull and burn of fully extended muscles in his shoulders and belly when he noticed Slughorn's gaze bouncing from him to Potter and back, with a gleeful glint. Draco glanced across through lowered lashes and nearly crowed - Potter was finally, actually seeing him! And well he should.

Draco arched his back a little more, feeling his shirt ride up, exposing a triangular patch of pale white skin, just above his belt, that apparently had a strange hypnotic effect on The Boy Who Lived. Cradling the back of his neck with one hand, Draco smirked and sent the other down to scratch the exposed skin, fingertips slipping down inside the waistband of his trousers. Potter blushed and fidgeted in his chair when he realised Draco was watching him watch, but couldn't seem to keep his gaze from wandering back to the skin on view.

Draco preened. Hell, if he'd known earlier that the way to get Potter's attention was to flash a bit of skin he'd have done it sooner. Maybe stripping off at the Sorting Ceremony would have been a bit much, but it obviously would have got the job done.

Relaxing back into his seat, Draco felt his shirt drop into place, and struggled not to grin at the look of loss on Potter's face. Oh, this was good. As nonchalantly as possible, Draco slumped sideways in the chair, lifting one long leg to drape it over the padded arm, the fabric of his trousers pulling tight across his thighs.

Harry Potter's mouth fell open at the pose, and Draco decided it was time to have some fun. The party was breaking up around them as people stood to take their leave, and Draco nodded a brief good night to Slughorn and the others before leaving the room as suspiciously as he could. Predictably, Potter was hot on his tail, lurking behind at every turn and corner.

The Room of Requirement was just what Draco needed, and the door stayed open so Potter could follow him in - it was required. Still, he knew that Potter would hang back for a minute or two - predicable he might be, but he wasn't entirely dumb. So, Draco had time to make himself at home.

The room this time was a dusty, disused classroom. Twenty battered desks arranged in rows that faced the teacher's table, which was just where Draco chose to wait. He perched himself on the closest edge of the table and stripped his blazer off, quickly unbuttoning his shirt and unknotting his tie to frame his abs.

He'd barely unfastened his trousers and pulled his cock out when the door swung open and Potter stepped inside and pushed it closed.

"Malfoy!" … "What do you…?"

Draco grinned and continued to stroke himself, slowly, gracefully, as Potter tried not to swallow his tongue or blink.

"Wh… what…?"

"Come here." Draco used his free hand to point to the spot between his widespread feet.

"What? Why?"

Draco rolled his eyes at Potter's incomprehension, his confidence in what he planned to do increasing with every stroke. The Chosen One was breathing through his mouth, harsh and hastily, and he hadn't lifted his eyes from Draco's groin for a single second.

"Come. Here. Now."

Potter shuffled closer, and Draco's cock twitched hungrily at this show of unthinking obedience.


The lack of reaction to his order made Draco pause, but Potter wasn't pulling back or arguing, only watching. He thought for a moment and then released his grip on his erection, reaching up to slip his Slytherin tie free of his collar. Harry frowned as the act of masturbation was curtailed, but didn't move his gaze from the slick hard flesh that filled his vision

Draco wrapped the ends of the thin silk tie around his fists, then flipped the loose sway of fabric over Potter's head and tugged downwards. Potter looked up.

"On your knees, Potter." Draco tugged again, and, much to his surprise, Harry Potter knelt.

There was a moment where neither one moved or even breathed, then Harry licked his lips. Draco scrunched his eyes closed and tried not to come from the sight of Potter's pink, wet tongue. It took him several deep breaths to get himself under control, but Potter never tried to pull away.

A third tug at the tie as Draco finally reopened his eyes, and Harry was leaning forward almost hungrily. Draco had never been able to resist the urge to gloat.

"I never realised you were this easy, Potter. One look at a Slytherin snake and you're practically begging for it."

Harry's eyes shot up to Draco's, self-knowledge and raw hunger gleaming in their depths. He grinned wildly and began to speak, the sibilant susurrations of Parseltongue drawing an atavistic, full body shudder from Draco.

Tightening his fists around the green and silver silk, Draco pulled him inexorably closer, sliding the head of his cock across the mouth that continued to hiss and rasp. Draco's tongue mimicked Harry's as it crept out to moisten his lips, and Draco couldn't resist pressing forward, and in.

They both moaned, the vibration nearly setting Draco off there and then, and again he had to close his eyes and hope he didn't pop. Potter took no notice of his attempt to remain unmoved, and began to tease and taste, to lick and - Merlin's beard! - nibble.

The sharp sound of a hastily drawn zip caught Draco's attention, and he opened his eyes to see Potter jerking himself off as he sucked.

Draco's balls tightened and his hips began to twitch, aborted shallow thrusts that would have shoved him down that tempting throat. And with one last trembling sigh, Draco came in the mouth of The Boy Who… Swallowed. Huh. Well, that was a surprise.

Draco was speaking as soon as he had the oxygen to spare.

"Hey, Potter, need any help with…?" His offer faded out as he saw the smears and streaks of white that painted his lower legs and dotted his shoes.

"Dammit, Potter! Clean that up!"

Harry ducked gracefully out from under the confining tie and rose to his feet with an insouciant grin.

"From what I've heard, it's Crabbe who cleans your shoes and Goyle who does your laundry. Go and ask them to spit and polish you up, I've done my bit. See you in Potions."

Draco was still staring at the white spots on his shoes when the door snapped shut announcing that the other boy had left. He followed, slowly, already making plans that included Potter and the Prefects' bathroom. Draco knew he looked damn fine wet and he thought that maybe Potter would too. Time would tell.

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Tags: harry potter, miscfic:fundfic

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